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Housing advice on laboratories

Aestate is a true expert when it comes to housing advice for laboratories. In recent years, our service has been leading in this particular discipline. Our housing consultants have a combined experience of multiple decades and are very skilled in solving complex matters related to the accommodation of laboratories. Whether you are building a new laboratory or renovating an existing lab, Aestate will support you and will make sure the laboratory suits the needs of your organization. Aestate is a reliable and experienced partner that will make a success of your housing project.

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Accommodation advice for new laboratories

Preparing for a new laboratory can be a lot of work. Aestate is experienced in composing a detailed program of requirements, suiting the type of lab you need (research laboratory or practical laboratory). Whether you have plans to build a fit for purpose chemical or biological lab or need to build a cleanroom, Aestate is the partner that can support you in developing your needs statement.

Setting up a laboratory: planning and process

When setting up a laboratory, it is essential to do this in a manner that is flexible, sustainable, and future-proof and that is in line with safety procedures and regulations. The housing consultants of Aestate can support you with setting up laboratories according to standardized laboratory typologies. They can clearly define the needs and demands regarding your lab during any stage of the preparations. Support by Aestate will lead to significant savings with regard to the lead-time and costs of the laboratory project.

Lean laboratory

Building a new laboratory or renovating an existing lab usually involves a process of clearing out, cleaning up, and setting up. Aestate will help you tackle this challenge in a structured and efficient manner. We will use the lean-method to map the workflow of your laboratory. This workflow will be used as a base for setting up a fit for purpose lab. One of the models that we regularly use is the 5S-method. The result of this method is a safe lab environment that can be used in an efficient and effective manner. An additional benefit of the lean 5S-method is that it has a build-in audit process that guarantees the future quality of your lab.

Contact Aestate about housing advice on laboratories

Would you like to contact the experts of Aestate for advice on your laboratory? Do you have specific questions about building or setting up a laboratory? Or do you want to know the benefits of a lean lab for your organization? Feel free to send us an e-mail on the address labadvice@aestate.nl or give us a call on the phone number +31 (0)30 - 637 63 77 . Our experts are looking forward to hear from you!

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